Wizards of the Widget world

Dashboard Page Layout

Dashboard page is the landing page of the application. i.e. every user post successful login sees the Dashboard screen. The layout of the screen is as follows:

Top row of configured Aggregation (Count, Sum, Average) widgets, if any, in a scrollable view - upto 4 are visible upfront

Followed by Configured Message widgets, if any, 2 per row

Followed by Configured Formatted-Table/Bar/Line/Donut/Table widgets, if any, 2 per row


Each visualisation is called a Widget in the application. We have different types available based on the type of data they want to show to the user.

Each widget is built based on the data available to the logged in user. So, you need to build once and deploy to applicable Roles. Only those Roles will see the widgets deployed for them and that too, using the data applicable for their login.

Aggregation Widget - Widget to display a computed number - Numeric field and the applicable aggregation to be selected - For e.g., Total receipts collected from all your Members

Message Widget - Widget to display custom rich text messages for your users - For e.g., Announce a meeting at the District level to only District level Roles

Bar/Line/Donut Widget - Widget to display data in chosen style (Bar/Line/Donut) based on the field selected - For e.g., Count of Workflows per Location, Count of Members per Location, Count of Members per Gender

Formatted Table Widget - Define any data, static or computed, in the form of a user-defined table - For e.g., generate a table of users who have not logged in for the past one month

How does it work?

Some rules, first:

  1. Widgets can be created and added/edited/deleted by Superuser and Users of allowed Roles (Refer to 3rd point below) ONLY on the Desktop.

  2. Superuser can add/edit/delete ALL widgets - even widgets defined by other users

  3. Users have to be given WRITE permissions under Structure > Permissions > Selected Project > Role > Dashboard Configuration for them to be able to add/edit/delete widgets; Note that NONE/READ permissions here means all add/edit/delete permissions will be lost even if they had it at the time of creation of their own widget

  4. Users can edit/delete ONLY the widgets they have created

  5. Users can view widgets assigned to them using the Shown To: (Selected Roles) form field of the Add/Edit Widget form

Can you show me how?

Example 1 : Widget to show counts of different kinds of workflows in all statuses

Example 2

Widget to show counts of different workflows in Overdue status per User

Example 3

Widget to show counts of 1 workflow type per location per status in the form of a Grouped bar chart