System Requirements


Windows 8+ or MacOS Mojave+ / Chrome 80+

4GB RAM for upto 2500 members and their workflows

8GB RAM (Recommended) for upto 10000 members and their workflows

16GB RAM for upto 25000 members and their workflows

If you are going to view data of more than 25000, we suggest that you set that User (Enable the option in Users > Edit User) as an Online User. This would be a view-only online user.


Android 8+ / Chrome 80+

2GB RAM for upto 250 members and their workflows

4GB RAM (Recommended) for upto 1000 members and their workflows

For every 2GB increase in RAM, approximately 1000 Members and their workflows can be supported but performance will reduce noticeably

The above requirements are suggested based on our test experiences. Given that each Organisations data will build in their own unique manner, you should keep an eye out for slowdowns in your User's devices. One strategy we suggest is to use the Threshold feature of DICEFlow to throttle the amount of inactive data downloaded into the application. Using this Threshold feature, you can limit (avoid downloading) the following data: