Flowcharts - A brief introduction

Everything is a flow

Whats up with Flowcharts?

We use Flowcharts to configure different entities within DICEFlow namely:

Workflows - Business processes configured in various projects 

Dashboard Widgets - The boxy items you see in the landing page of the application post successful login

Reports - Generated in the form of CSV files using applicable data for the currently logged in user

Computed fields - Fields that are computed from data stored/collected in other fields

How do flowcharts look like?

Given below are 2 examples of how flowcharts in different contexts look like. You have, at your disposal, all applicable logical pieces to design the Workflow Forms, Data visualisation, Computed Field values and Reports. Shown below are only the Workflow flowchart and Widget flowchart.


Every Workflow flowchart has a Start piece, Pieces to design forms and logic; finally, an End piece

Dashboard Widget

Every Widget flowchart is used to filter out data which is sent to the widget based on its configuration. It will always have a Start piece, Filter pieces and a Return piece.

More details on how Flowcharts are setup in the next section