Getting Started / Troubleshoot

Here is where you should start your DICEFlow journey - Some common questions/issues with the application and their answers/solutions are listed below.

What is DICEFlow ?

DICEFlow is a tool to manage your field processes - it could be as simple as setting up a one time survey to a complex tracking of a vaccination process for your Members/Beneficiaries. DICEFlow can help you standardize your processes, collect/analyse data and track outcomes to the last mile.  

It is a facilitated system - which means you have Users who have a login in the DICEFlow application and there are  Members who your Users are servicing/tracking. 

What can I do with DICEFlow ?

Some usecases are explained below.

Usecase 1 - Simple: You want to do a quick survey of Schools w.r.t number of students and gender distribution by your field workers 

Usecase 2 - Complex: Your organisation runs an Outreach program where you provide services to beneficiaries though field workers. You can define a SOP in the DICEFlow application for Beneficiary registration, Tracking each Home Visit, Tracking each Group Meeting and more. You also want to see data visualised in the form of Bar/Donut/Line charts and be able to export Reports in standardised/customised formats. Cherry on top would be to see your field workers (and/or for other Registered users) performance on a real-time basis. 

What are some of terms used in the application - User, Member, Group, Workflow, Widget, PWA?

User - One who has an account in the DICEFlow application and can login using their phone number and assigned password

Member - Beneficiary of your program who is tracked/serviced by your registered User

Group - Members can be added to pre-defined Groups in the DICEFlow application

Workflow - User runs workflows which are defined by the System Administrator (or Configurator) - these are your project's on-field processes  configured in the DICEFlow application

Widget - We show each chart on the Dashboard in the form of a Widget. Each Widget (depending on the Widget type), User will see functions like Export the data behind the widget; Share/embed the widget in the form of a URL, Filter Widget etc  

PWA - Progressive Web Application - Mobile application is installed in this form on top of Chrome Browser Engine. Read more about Progressive Web Applications here.

What should I use - Desktop or Mobile Version ?

Field Level User who needs offline access to processes and data - Mobile application

Manager or User with good internet connection and laptop/desktop - Desktop application

Configurator or System Administrator with good internet connection and laptop/desktop - Desktop application

Please do refer to System Requirements before starting to use the above mediums. Also, certain features are available ONLY ON DESKTOP.  For e.g. Archiving data, Importing data, Configuration

Are there any minimum specifications for the Mobile or Laptop/Desktop system ?

Yes, here are the System Requirements

How do I setup my Organisation, Projects and Users?

I installed the app using Android Chrome Browser's Add to Home Screen / Install app menu option, but I do not see the DICEFlow app icon on my Home Screen.

Depending on your phone and permissions given, you might not be able to see the app icon on the Home screen after the install process. Please look in the App drawer to find the application and start it from there. You can refer to to the Installation process explained here.

Why do I keep getting the error - Incorrect ORG CODE or Username or Password ?

Please check your phone number or password entered - there should not be any extra characters (like space) in the phone number or password. For Users who are registered with the same phone number in 2 organisations, ORG CODE must be entered.

Unable to login as I see the 'Logging In...' status on the login screen.

This is most probably due to an unstable network - please ensure that you have a constant speed of network. Please test your network status using the SpeedTest app by Ookla.

Do I need to be online to work ?

You need to be online for login, sync, update application, downloading report operations. For all other tasks, an internet connection is not needed.

I don't see the Add to Home Screen / Install app option in the browser when I go to on the Android Chrome Browser

Please ensure you are using the latest Android Chrome Browser (Version 80 and above) on your phone. Check the Playstore if you need to update the same. You might not see this option if the DICEFlow app is already installed in your phone OR you are not using Android Chrome Browser.

App is very slow post login

App works in offline mode - if it is slow for any reason, it is because of 1) Low storage space 2) Too many apps running on the phone. Try clearing the cache using a Cleaner app which usually comes pre-installed in most phones nowadays. You may also try closing some apps on the phone like Facebook, Games, Video apps etc

I have forgotten the password. Is there a way to reset the password ?

You can use the 'Forgot password' link on the login screen to send the administrator a request to reset the password. Once the administrator resets the password, he/she will send you a message (SMS/Whatsapp/etc) to confirm the same with the new password. In some accounts, we will give certain roles (managers, for example) access to change their reportee’s password and language. In such a case, the Reportee can ask their manager to reset the password.

On the mobile, I made some changes and now I see a red exclamation ( ! ) mark on the bottom panel's last icon - what does that mean ?

That means there are changes on your phone which are not synced to the server. It is the Sync pending state. It is advisable to Sync at least 2 times a day so that your changes get transferred to the server and others can get those changes.

I made some changes but I seem to have lost those changes. What happened ?

DICEFlow Mobile AND Desktop applications work in an offline mode. There are only a few ways you can lose changes made since last sync. Please note that there will be a ( ! ) on the Sync button (Desktop or on the Bottom Menu panel (Mobile) when you have unsynced local changes. When your application is in this state and you can lose the changes if you do the following:

1) On Mobile, you closed/killed the app from the Recent Apps screen while there are unsynced changes

2) On Desktop, you logged out forcibly ignoring the warning about local changes pending sync

3) Applicable to both Desktop and Mobile - DICEFlow app is built on locally installed Desktop/Android Chrome Browser - so, you have to be careful with how you manage Chrome browser settings. If you (or a Cleaner app) deletes Chrome Cache, Chrome Site Settings for domain, then you will lose local data which is not yet synced to the Server. 

Note on login into multiple accounts in the same session - Please avoid logging into the app using multiple login IDs. If you have to login, ensure that site settings for are cleared in between each login. 

What will happen if I kill the app when sync is pending ?

On Mobile, we try to preserve the data even though you kill or logout from the DICEFlow application. Next time to open/login to the application, the data will be in the same state you left it in. But, this is not guaranteed. We recommend you minimise the app when you are not using the same rather than killing it or logging out of it when there is sync pending.

I see a Fetch remaining data option in the last screen of the mobile app; What does this do? NOTE: You will see this on Desktop in the lower left corner

Superuser/Administrator for the application can limit the amount of data users download after successful login by a configuration called Threshold. If such a limit (number of days) is applied, the application will download only data changed in the Threshold number of days. This is done to reduce the amount of data stored locally on user’s devices. Especially, when users are working in areas with unstable internet connections.

Users are shown a warning before actually fetching remaining data - if the remaining data to be brought down from the server is large, then the Desktop and/or Mobile app might not function as expected.

Please note that all data/widgets are shown based on this limited amount of data downloaded. 

Fetch remaining data allows the user to download ALL data regardless of the limit applied. More details on how to set and use this value is given here.

What does the Get clean data option in the last screen of the Mobile application do?

Clicking on this button will remove local data from the logged in user’s device and get applicable data (for the logged in user) back from the server. This is a way to get back to the state of data post the last successful sync. 

NOTE: When the User clicks on this button and confirms on the subsequent page, unsynced changes will be removed from the device and fresh data applicable for the logged in user will be retrieved from the server.

I want to report an issue in the application

You can use the Report a Bug feature on mobile phones for this purpose. Please use this feature to report a bug in the application after you have verified that the issue exists with one or more of your peers.

For internal support, what is the minimum information to be provided ?

While escalating internally, you should explain steps to reproduce the issue with text and screenshots; along with account details like phone number and location. That should help the support team to help you with the issue.

How do I update the application ?

On Mobile, if there is an update available, you will be prompted to update the application; You can click on the same to update the Mobile application

On Desktop, if there is an update available, post successful Sync, you will be prompted to update the application; You can click on the same to update the Desktop application

How can I request a change in a local language phrase used in the app ?

Please send the suggestion to the Superuser/Administrator of your organisation who has access to update all language phrases.

Can I share data from the DICEFlow app to my team members ?

You can, in a limited manner. You are allowed to share Member, Group, Workflow data using the Share button hidden under each respective card. 

For example, you want to share a Member's data to your manager. Go to 2nd icon on the bottom panel > Members tab > Find that Member's card > Swipe to the right on that Member’s card > Touch the Share button behind the card > You can choose the app through which you want to share some data with your Manager.

Please note very limited data which is directly visible on the card is only shared through this method

I started a workflow mistakenly. Can I delete the same ?

There is NO permanent delete allowed on the system. The most you can do is archive a member, group or workflow. On the mobile, we haven't allowed the archive function. Please report to your manager the exact member/group/workflow you want to archive and they can archive the same using their login on desktop/laptop. 

NOTE: Archived entities are not counted in the computation of any widget or report. You can access such records using APIs.

What exactly does the Sync button do ?

 It does 2 actions in the order given below:

1) Pushes your changes to the server - Your changes include changes to members, groups, workflows, password, language and anything else you change and save on the application.

2) Pulls data into your mobile from the server which has been changed by other users in your organisation w.r.t your members/groups/workflows. 

Sync is taking too long or the ( ! ) icon is taking sometime to disappear

Network is usually the reason for slow speed of Sync. Please ensure you have at least 3G speeds while you do the sync. Please wait for Sync to finish before doing anything on the screen. If you haven’t synced in many days or if you have many members/groups/workflows (more than 500), then the volume of change will make a Sync bit more slower than usual. You must wait for the ( ! ) icon to disappear before continuing your work.