Release Notes

Version 4.3.4

Released on 14 August 2022

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop and Mobile - Computation of User fields like Last push time was not happening correctly

  2. Desktop - Single select filters not working in Workflows list; If you select a single Workflow type, corresponding filters for single/multi select fields are shown; If you select values from those fields, the result count doesn't update

  3. Desktop - Member and Group Created on and Last updated timestamps are shown in the respective Edit forms in view-only mode

  4. Desktop - Export headers for some workflow types were not shown correctly even though data was exported properly

  5. Mobile - When the app is minimised for a long time and then opened given the previous login is still valid, login screen was shown as usable for sometime and then user logged in automatically; Now, the login screen is disabled and user is logged in after showing a message

Version 4.3.3

Released on 10 August 2022

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop and Mobile - Workflow timeline had steps repeated or missing - fixed the way computation of computed fields affects history of a workflow

  2. Desktop - Report Scheduler - Direct Email is not working; Email validation was not working; Message popup disappears quickly without allowing user to read the same

  3. Desktop - Import workflow form was not showing relevant fields in the order of selection; Help panel to explain the Import process included; Export now prompts the user to use Beta version in case Live version is empty

Version 4.3.1/4.3.2

Released on 4 August 2022


  1. Desktop - Report Scheduler - Users can now execute and send generated reports as per a defined schedule. For e.g.,

    1. You want to add a report and send it to list of email IDs post successful completion;

    2. You want to add and send reports at the 1st of every month

  2. Mobile - Application Feedback

    1. User is shown a summary of changes pushed and pulled after each successful sync

    2. In the timeline summary of every completed workflow, user is shown amount of time spent in execution of the workflow till date and users involved in the process

    3. Each workflow's timeline summary also shows how long ago was the workflow worked on last

    4. On Mobile and Group details screen, user is shown when the Member or Group was last updated

    5. App Introduction made more detailed to help user understand parts of the Workflow execution screen and More screen

  3. Mobile - Recent Searches added to Member, Group and Workflow list screens - Last 5 searches are stored automatically

  4. Desktop - User is prompted with confirmation dialog when there are bulk changes being applied. For e.g. when user transfers many workflows at once; when user archives many entities at once

  5. Desktop and Mobile - User can filter Workflows by the Last worked on From/To timestamp; This timestamp represents when the workflow was last worked on by any user; Note that Last updated timestamp changes whenever workflow is worked on, transferred or archived whereas Last worked on changes ONLY when any step of the workflow is executed

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop - Reports showing all 0 values after recompute was implemented. Report Flowchart to use Last worked on rather than Last updated timestamp to compare Start/End dates. Introduced a new variable, Workflow > Last worked on for this purpose.

  2. Desktop - New fields added to Workflow export. Member and Group fields like System ID, Name, Subtitle, Created on, Last updated added. Also, added Workflow field called Last worked on

  3. Desktop and Mobile - Progress percentage for just started workflows shown wrongly at > 90%

  4. Desktop and Mobile - consequent logins with different phone numbers on same phone were failing (4.3.2)

  5. Desktop - Selected filter tags in Member and Group lists pages were not showing (4.3.2)

Send Report by Email

Application Feedback

Recent Searches

Last worked on available as a filter field and export column

Version 4.2.3

Released on 29 June 2022


  1. Desktop and Mobile - Formatted Table Widget now allows to Font size change; Also, fixed issues w.r.t sync not updating widget locally

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop - Importing Members will now check location of associated Groups as well and flag an error if the locations are different

  2. Mobile - Update Flow has been fixed to handle updates seamlessly with minimal inputs from user

  3. Mobile - Fired workflows are not showing under Member card in Mobile

  4. Mobile - Login delay from touch of button till response reduced

  5. Mobile - Logout caused previously filled credentials to be removed from login screen

  6. Mobile - Any combination of search + filter which showed 0 Groups in the Groups list made it impossible for User to reset the Groups filter

Version 4.2.2

Released on 12 June 2022

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop and Mobile - Showing table within Workflows was broken

  2. Mobile - Delay in touching Login button and loading dashboard is removed

Version 4.2.1

Released on 8 June 2022

Features / Enhancements:

  1. Desktop and Mobile - Added a new Formatted Table type widget - we can now configure any datapoint/s in the form of a table with font style, font color formatting

  2. Mobile - UI updates - Screen branding/logo/titles added, Reload button on Dashboard, Filter forms enhanced

  3. Mobile - Search for Member/Group in affiliated Add workflow form now searches subtitle

  4. Mobile - Error and Info messages format changed to align with Desktop style

  5. Mobile - Show user minimal sync stats like number of members, groups and workflows updated in each sync

  6. Mobile - Search box in Widget list page enhanced

  7. Desktop - All locations (not just leaf level locations) relevant to logged in user shown in Filter forms of the Members and Workflows list

  8. Desktop and Mobile - Any changes to location/threshold/role of the user post sync, triggers a clean data pull

Bug Fixes

  1. Mobile - Make sync process more robust in case of network failures

  2. Desktop and Mobile - Recompute affected fields in case workflows update the fields which are used in Computed fields

  3. Desktop and Mobile - Archived entities show up in list and export

  4. Desktop - Add user form checks existing phone numbers as user types the same

Version 4.1.3

Released on 17 May 2022

Features / Enhancements:

  1. Desktop - Users will now see My + Other flows by default in the Workflow list

  2. Desktop and Mobile - Sync will handle changes in Role and Location automatically without the need for Get clean data

  3. Mobile - If different logins are done in succession in the same app, app gets the data fresh from the server for each login

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop - Member export doesn't show exported fields properly - these fields are calculated using a combination of Strings and Numbers namely an ID field

  2. Desktop and Mobile - Recompute affected fields in case workflows update the fields which are used in Computed fields

Version 4.1.1

Released on 17 Apr 2022

Features / Enhancements:

  1. Desktop/Admin - SAMPLE PROJECT - Post registration, Superuser can now import a SAMPLE HEALTH PROJECT with SAMPLE DATA to check out the product. One click button, Set up sample project, is provided in the Structure page

  2. Desktop - ONLINE user capability - Users with large datasets (higher up in the hierarchy) can be now made ONLINE in READ-ONLY mode. Please note the caveats for use by such users

    • They will be shown Members, Groups and Workflows direct from the Server; Thresholds will NOT be applied

    • They will be able to Filter, Search and Export the above mentioned entities but cannot add/edit the same

    • Dashboard will not be visible currently;

    • Rest of the data (Structure, Users, Reports, Various Configuration screens) are available offline as usual

  3. Desktop - BULK ARCHIVE of Members, Groups and Workflows is now possible for roles who have Bulk Action permission enabled

  4. Desktop/Admin - BETA v/s LIVE - Superuser or Configurator can now deploy Workflow flowcharts to Beta tester users separately; Users can be individually marked as Beta testers via the Edit user form; Once the flowchart changes are tested, it can be deployed for the rest of the users with one click

  5. Desktop/Admin - THRESHOLD of data to be downloaded can be separately set for Members, Groups and Workflow

  6. Desktop - REPORT work with data from the perspective of the Report User set in Add Report

  7. Mobile - UI REDESIGN - Workflow execution screens in Mobile redesigned to align with Desktop screens

  8. Mobile - Expanded filters in Workflow list included to search by Last Updated Dates, Due Dates, Multi-select Types

Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop - Archived Workflows don’t have the Last updated timestamp set to date/time of archival

  2. Desktop/Admin - Missing one-click workflow generation buttons

  3. Desktop/Admin - Flowchart UI design inconsistencies

  4. Desktop - File field usability in Add/Edit forms

  5. Desktop - Start Date cannot be greater than End Date in Add Report form