Note about Offline/Online usage

DICEFlow application works in Offline mode in both Desktop and Mobile formats. What does that mean? Most of the application usage works offline and the user is expected to sync local changes to the server. User is adequately prompted to sync with visual cues. Please understand the following points w.r.t usage of the application.

We also provide a View-only Online mode which is useful to view and export the data; Please read more details in the section, Offline mode doesn't work for me - I have too much data, below.

What happens during login?

Internet is required for the login (first time and subsequent) process.

Where is my data?

DICEFlow uses the Chrome Web Engine locally to store/manage the data brought down to the application. So, any changes you make to Chrome's data storage might affect the DICEFlow application data. For e.g. if you Clear Site Settings (option in Chrome settings menu on both Mobile and Desktop), you will lose local data. It is critical that user doesn't do such destructive operations on the Chrome browser in Desktop and Android devices. 

Since you are downloading all applicable data for your login to your device (Desktop/Laptop/Mobile), you have to be aware of your devices RAM and Storage space requirements w.r.t amount of data downloaded.

What can I do offline and for what do I need Internet?

DICEFlow application can be used on the Mobile and Desktop in a completely offline state for most operations except the following:

For ALL other operations in the system, Internet is not needed

What happens during sync?

Internet is required for sync process.

Offline mode doesn't work for me - I have too much data

For users who have too much data AND are only interested in viewing/exporting data, we have a Online mode of login. We suggest a new user account be created for such users where the Is online toggle is enabled. What can and cannot such users do, is explained below:

Can do:

Cannot do:

So, how would you go about setting up users who have access to large data but wanting to execute some workflow types?

Above is a recommended strategy of managing users with mixed use of the application.