We come in 'Piece'

Programmable blocks

Pieces are nothing but exactly what the title above says. These are used to define the flowchart in Workflows, Dashboard Widgets, Reports and Computed fields. These are explained in the Intro page. What can you do with these pieces?

Some examples of pieces with explanation are given below

Question Piece in Workflow

question - If left blank, the selected Customfield label is shown to the user 

stored in - Select Customfield into which you store the answer to this question

Is Required? - condition under which this question becomes mandatory - optional if left blank 

Is Disabled? - condition under which this question is disabled

Default - Default value to be shown to the user

Select Image - image to be shown before the question 

Question Piece with Validation in Workflow

Note how the each piece fits into other pieces/spaces like a puzzle. The shape, color and design of the pieces are such that admin/configurator can fit them within or after the piece, seamlessly.  

Split piece fits with question piece and helps validate the answer of that question - In the example shown, we check length of ANSWER and reject the value if the answer is too short

We make the question mandatory by putting the TRUE hexagonal piece within the Is Required? box