Login & Dashboard

Desktop Login

NOTE: Applicable ONLY to non-Superuser accounts

Post login, you will be presented with a Dashboard screen as shown below.

Dashboard Screen

Dashboard Post Login

Dashboard Screen Features

Page Title - Title of every screen is shown in this area

Sync Button - Push and Pull data to/from Server

Help Panel - Panel on the right side which will show help notes to user depending on the screen the user is on

Org Profile - View/Edit Organisation Profile depending on permissions set for the logged in user

User Profile - View/Edit logged in User's profile - User can update their own Name, Language and Password

Widget Area - This is main part of this screen where all Widgets are shown. There is a top row of Count Widgets, followed by Announcement widget, followed by Other (Bar/Donut/Line/Table) Widgets. These will show up for the logged in user based on the visibility configured by the Superuser.

Each Widget - Depending on the type of Widget, Users are allowed to export widget data; share the widget URL (to embed on an external site);  search/filter the widget data

Reload Widget - Reload all widgets in one go if data has changed locally and user need to re-compute the widget