Login & Dashboard

Desktop Login

NOTE: Applicable ONLY to non-Superuser accounts

  1. Go to https://diceflow.in

  2. Click on Login - you will be presented with a Login form

  3. Input the Country Code (defaults to +91 for India), Phone Number and the Password provided to you by your organisation Superuser; Disable Login as Admin

  4. Click on LOGIN button - You must have a stable Network connection to be able to login successfully to DICEFlow

  5. If the password is correct, you will be logged in, data from server for your login will be downloaded (Fetching data... message shown) to your Chrome browser, Dashboard page will be drawn and the application will be ready for use

Post login, you will be presented with a Dashboard screen as shown below.

Dashboard Post Login

Dashboard Screen Features

Page Title - Title of every screen is shown in this area

Sync Button - Push and Pull data to/from Server

Help Panel - Panel on the right side which will show help notes to user depending on the screen the user is on

Org Profile - View/Edit Organisation Profile depending on permissions set for the logged in user

User Profile - View/Edit logged in User's profile - User can update their own Name, Language and Password

Widget Area - This is main part of this screen where all Widgets are shown. There is a top row of Count Widgets, followed by Announcement widget, followed by Other (Bar/Donut/Line/Table) Widgets. These will show up for the logged in user based on the visibility configured by the Superuser.

Each Widget - Depending on the type of Widget, Users are allowed to export widget data; share the widget URL (to embed on an external site); search/filter the widget data

Reload Widget - Reload all widgets in one go if data has changed locally and user need to re-compute the widget