Everything begins at the beginning

What is a Structure

Structure of Project includes the Project, Hierarchy (of data) within each Project and Roles in each Project. This is where you will start building your application as per your Organisation hierarchy, Roles, Locations and Permissions to be set for each Role.

Hierarchy of a sample Education project 

Shown below is a slice of a defined Education project. You will notice 4 Levels namely Country, State, District, Site and Roles at each level. You can also add Customfields at each Level which can be viewed/updated from Workflows. For e.g., you will notice Population as a customfield added at State level. 

As we have discussed in the Configuration Introduction, Members are added at the lowest level in the hierarchy, which in this case, is the Site. You can add as many Levels per Project as you want. Do note that you cannot add/re-order levels as soon as the first Location is added under the Locations tab

Based on Hierarchy, you add Locations

Once you have finalised Levels for your Project, you need to add at least one set of Locations till the lowest level. Only then, will you be able to assign Login users to Locations and add Members at the lowest location level.

Based on Hierarchy and Locations, set Permissions

Now, that you have setup Locations and Roles, you can set permissions for each of those roles. The permission bits are of 3 types:

How Flowcharts are setup is explained in the next section