Members and Groups

Members and Groups Screen

Search by Member, Groups & Sub Title - You can search all these 3 entities from this search box

Members and Groups Tabs

Members tab - Count of Members shown - Touch to switch and see the list

Groups tab - Count of Groups shown - Touch to switch and see the list

Search Box - Search within the list below using fields which are visible on each card and also by fields which are configured to be searchable by superuser

Filter - To the right of the Search box, you will see the filter icon; Touch the same to open the Filter form and filter the Member list as required

Type - By default, the list shows ALL members of the first Member type defined in the backend. If user has access to multiple Member types, the first Member type is auto-selected and list shown.

Each Member Card

Slide to the right to see the Share button - User can share minimal information about that Member using other apps (Whatsapp, for example)

Each Member card has Name of the Member, followed by Subtitle of the Member and Member Type. For e.g. Using 2nd card in the image as an example, Name of the Member is Test Female 36; Subtitle is STWF100159 / SHG: None; Member Type is Family Member (Urban)

If you touch any empty space on the Member card, you will see more details about that Member

Fire Workflow button - To the right of each card, you will see a Rocket icon; User can touch that icon and kick off all applicable workflows configured for that Member

+ button in the lower right corner - User can add Members using that button - This button shows up ONLY if user has permissions to create a new member

BOTTOM MENU PANEL - Explained previously in the Login/Dashboard page