Last screen on the Application

More Screen

Search by Member, Groups & Sub Title - You can search all these 3 entities from this search box 

Sync, Profile and More functions

Edit Profile button - This is the Pencil icon next to the Education Worker - User can change their own Name

Logout - Logout using this button

Version number - Touch the number (4.11.10)  to see what changes are included in that version

Get clean data - Remove local unsynced changes and get the state of data to a point right after last successful sync

Change Password - User can change their own password using this form 

Language - User can change their app language available as a part of configuration 

Report a bug - User can report a bug using this form

Sync Log - Touch this button to see status of the app and show errors, if any. This is useful when user wants to report an issue.

Near Me - If a location (Lat/Long) field is available on any Member in the logged in user's Member list, those will be shown as a map

App Introduction - Show the user a quick intro to the app and scroll through each screen

Sync Data button - If there are local changes not yet synced to the server, you will see a (!) on the last icon in the bottom panel. User can click the button to push local changes to server and pull latest changes from the server to the application. Please read the Note about Offline Usage for better understanding

Last Sync - Tells the user when they did the last sync - shown as Synced a minute ago in the image 

BOTTOM MENU PANEL - Explained previously in the Login/Dashboard page