Table Functions/Add Workflow

Overdue - Enable to see Overdue workflows

Export - Select Workflows per Type - Only Workflows shown in the table below are exported

Filter - Filter Workflows by Project, Type, Locations and more


Search the Table below by data in visible columns

Data Table

Data of all Workflows in Due state are shown by default. Default Fields shown are:

Name - Workflow Type Name

Subtitle - Subtitle of the Workflow

Status - Current Status of the Workflow

Due date - Workflow is due by this date; User with adequate permissions can update this date by clicking on the same

Last worked on - Date on which the workflow was last worked on, by assigned user

User - Current assignee of the Workflow

Mem/Grp - If Workflow is of affiliated type, name of the Member or Group to which the Workflow is affiliated

Action - Shows Resume button is logged-in user is assignee; Else, will show plain Progress percentage

 More - More available actions like View Timeline, Archive and Share 

Due date, Resume, More

Due Date - User can update the Due Date directly by clicking on the button, if they have requisite permissions

Resume - Shows the current completion percentage of the workflow and user can click the button to continue the workflow

3 vertical dots or More button - Additional functions explained in the next slide

Note on shown Fields

When None OR more than 1 Workflow type is chosen in the Filter, only common/default fields are shown. If exactly one Workflow Type is chosen in the Filter form, then common fields and searchable fields are shown in the list.

Superuser or Configurator can set certain fields (recommend a max of 3) of each Workflow Type to be Searchable and Shown in table via the Configuration section; See an example configuration here.

More functions per Workflow

View Timeline - Shows every Workflow step in the format What/When/Who as a timeline of progress of the workflow

Archive - Archive the workflow so that they are not considered in any Dashboard widget or Report

Share - Share limited information about the workflow by copying it into the clipboard