NOTE: Applicable ONLY to non-Superuser accounts

  1. Open the DICEFlow App in your phone

  2. Input the Country Code (defaults to +91 for India), Phone Number and the Password provided to you by your organisation Superuser

  3. Click on Login button - You must have a stable Network connection to be able to login successfully to DICEFlow

  4. If the password is correct, you will be logged in, data from server for your login will be downloaded (Fetching data... message shown) to your phone, Dashboard page will be drawn and the application will be ready for use

Post login, you will be presented with a Dashboard.

Forgot Password

NOTE: You must have a stable internet connection to submit this Forgot Password form

Users may request a new password using the Forgot Password link on the Login screen. In that Forgot Password screen, you will see:

Org Code - Required ONLY if your phone number is registered in 2 Organisations registered on DICEFlow

Country Code - Defaults to +91 (India); You may change if your phone number is of another country

Phone Number - Registered Phone Number

Reset - On hitting this button, a reset email request is sent to Superuser of your organisation. Superuser will revert to you once the password has been changed by the usual communication channel in your organisation.

Dashboard Screen

Search by Member, Groups & Sub Title - You can search all these 3 entities from this search box


Count Widgets - All Count Widgets, if configured, are shown in a horizontally scrollable first row

Announcement Widget - Any Announcement Widget, if configured for your Role, is shown in the second row

All other Widgets - Widgets of other types namely Table, Bar, Donut and Line are shown one after the other

NOTE: If you touch any widget, the data behind the same is shown in the form of cards - this behaviour is not applicable to Announcement widgets


This panel is shown across the application. The buttons take you to the following screens in the order given:

  1. Dashboard - the screen shown

  2. Members and Groups - All the Members and Groups are listed in this screen

  3. Add button - You can select and start a Workflow configured for your Role

  4. Workflows - You can track your workflows here

  5. More - Last screen of the mobile app where you can edit profile, change application language, change your password, sync your data and more