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Context: Workflows, Dashboard Widgets, Computed fields, Reports

This is one of the most important building block of various flowchart contexts. It contains all directly and indirectly accessible data for execution of a workflow.  

In the example shown, when we select this piece in the context of a Member-affiliated workflow, you will see Workflow and Member variables shown. You can add variables of all available types using the Add Variable button. Overtime, list of variables added while defining/updating workflows increases so a Search variables by name feature is provided.

Variables like Member and Group (in Group affiliated Workflows) are data which is pre-seeded for use in the flowcharts based on User context. For e.g., if a User is running a workflow for member, M1. Member variable will hold all data related to M1

Workflow variable is a reference to the currently executing Workflow.

Variable contd.

Context: Workflows, Dashboard Widgets, Computed fields, Reports

We have shown examples of how variables contain data and how you select them

Variables are powerful as they give you access to all the data you need within the various flowchart contexts

Set Variable

Context: Workflows, Dashboard Widgets, Computed fields, Reports

set - Select or Add the variable you want to set

to - Value to set the selected variable to

In the example shown, we set a variable of Location type, MyLocation, to the first location from the list of locations assigned to the user executing the workflow

Style Table Variables

Context: Workflows, Dashboard Widgets

This piece is used to style every row of the Formatted Table you can build within Widgets OR Workflows to show data tables.